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Unveiling Prophecy - The Final Call (2024)

Together we'll explore Earth's final events, God's plan to save humanity, the celestial war preceding earthly conflicts, and how the Old Testament Sanctuary prophesied the New Testament. And did you know America's remarkable rise was foreseen in Revelation?

Join us in unveiling these truths and more!

Topics are listed below. Seminars will be live streamed on the Conroe SDA YouTube Channel and posted on this website with accompanying Bible study materials.

  Lecture Title

  YouTube Video

  Bible Study Materials

  The Time of the End


  Lecture 1 - Notes

  Back to Jerusalem

  Daniel’s Prophetic Rock


  Lecture 2 - Notes

  The Millennial Man

  Abraham’s Ancient Prophecy


  Lecture 3 - Notes

  The Supreme Sacrifice

  The War of the Ages


  Lecture 4 - Notes

  The Rebellious Prince

  Revelation’s Glorious Climax


  Lecture 5 - Notes

  The Coming King

  Revelation’s Great Law


  Lecture 6 - Notes

  The Law of the King

  Revelation’s Rest


  Lecture 7 - Notes

  Bricks Without Straw

  The 70-Week Prophecy


  Lecture 8 - Notes

  70-Week Timeline

  The Sanctuary


  Lecture 9 - Notes

  A Heavenly Model

  The 2300-Year Prophecy


  Lecture 10 - Notes

  Cleansing the Temple

  Blessed Are the Dead


  Lecture 11 - Notes

  The Witch of Endor

  The Day of God’s Wrath


  Lecture 12 - Notes

  Cities of Ash

  Revelation’s Millennium


  Lecture 13 - Notes

  Resting the Land

  The Beast of Revelation 13


  Lecture 14 - Notes

  Bowing to Babylon

  America in Prophecy


  Lecture 15 - Notes

  The Daughter's Dance

  Repentance and Baptism


  Lecture 16 - Notes

  A River of Life

  The Mark and The Seal


  Lecture 17 - Notes

  The Mark of Cain

  Revelation’s Final Church


  Lecture 18 - Notes

  A Tale of Two Women

  Ten Times Wiser


  Lecture 19 - Notes

  Ten Times Wiser

  Proving the Prophets


  Lecture 20 - Notes

  Proving the Prophets

  Revelation’s paradise


  Lecture 21 - Notes

  Voice in the Wilderness

  Above the Crowd

  Windows of Heaven

  The Glorious Kingdom

  False Revivals


  Lecture 22 - Notes

  A Jar of Oil