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Sanctuary Building Program

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Sanctuary Building Program

This project is bigger than we are. It’s not bigger than God. Have you noticed, however, that often God doesn’t get involved until we lay down our doubts and stretch our faith. The mighty Power that parts seas, moves mountains and raises the dead comes alongside to lift us up when we join together with a holy purpose.

  • About specific project details that will magnify our ministry effectiveness in Conroe
  • About your willingness to stretch your faith
  • About finding faithful & skilled workmen and who to sign contracts with
  • About finding high value goods at bargain rates (God knows how to save money and stretch dollars)
  • About how to be involved with funding — what resources you can sell or transfer, sacrifices you can make, who you know that might contribute to our worship center, how to involve children, youth, young adults and senior members
Where we are heading:
  • Sanctuary funds available                       $777,168
  • Set Phase 2 funding goal (for example)   $150,000
  • TX Conference Grants                              $65,000
  • Apply for TX Conference loan              $1,400,000*
  • Approximate total cost                        $2,185,000
*Based on standard TX Conference limit of (3-yr avg tithe) x 3 at a current 5.5% interest rate results in a $9,630 month payment.